Doris is a lovely client.  She's suffering from a degree of dementia and we're helping her deal with that.  Because she's so nice we really like her, even if she has become a bit repetitive!

One of the sad things about Doris' situation is she has two daughters who live in the UK who are finding it difficult to deal with their mum's state of health.  It's hard to deal with a mum who can't always remember what you've said.  A gulf has opened up and Doris is lonely.

The result is Doris doesn't just need our help to live her life, we've become her friends as well.


We've been helping George for a while now.  He needs a fair amount of care, so two of us get involved to help him stay in his own home.

George is a real wind up merchant.  He loves to play us off one against the other.  So last time I was there he couldn't resist winding me up about emptying his dishwasher.

We like clients like George - he's fun to work with and he really appreciates what we do for him.  Even if he is like a combination of Alf Garnet and Victor Meldrew all rolled into one!