I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for all the help...

I could not believe it when I slipped in the shower and broke the 12th vertebrae in my back.  As I live alone, I would not have managed without all the help and care I received from your staff.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for all the help and care that they gave me during this period of need.


Thanks you very much for everything you did to help...
Robert M (Son of client)

Thanks you very much for everything you did to help manage the details of my mother's passing. I greatly appreciate all your efforts and I feel that everything you did was both effective and professional.

Thanks again - this was a difficult event in my life and you definitely made things easier for me.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for all the help...
John A (Client)

I could not believe it when I slipped in the shower and broke the 12th vertebrae in my back.  As I live alone, I would not have managed without all the help and care I received from your staff.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for all the help and care that they gave me during this period of need.

Ralph G

Thank you for all your help – I hope the following describes the service you gave to me.

Before visiting Cyprus, I searched the Internet for a company that could provide flexible care at home for my invalid mother. I was fortunate enough to find “M.C. Care at Home”, a Paphos based company run by a lovely lady from the North east of England named Michelle Clarke. I made contact and we arranged to meet to discuss her needs.

At very short notice, Michelle came to see me at Mesogi and given the situation with my mother aged 87, we agreed on two or three visits per day commencing on her release from hospital two days later.

Mum needed a lot of care – she suffered chronic heart failure, was immobile and on multiple medications. Unfortunately we had no timeline for prognosis, just knowledge of the serious condition she had. Care up to that point had been undertaken by her long term partner aged 89 years who needed respite himself (suffering from hip and memory problems). Important to note is that mum and her partner lived alone in Cyprus, with all family back in the UK, so that crystallized the need still further.

On the first day that care commenced, Michelle introduced her care team to mum and they set to work making her comfortable, addressing her personal hygiene needs and organising her medications. Mum afterwards commented on just how much better she felt for their visit and how much she was looking forward to their support. For my part, I watched the way in which the care team operated, they were gentle, considerate, kindly and knowledgeable. My wife (a qualified clinical nurse) and my future daughter in law ( a qualified district nurse) also both commented on how the team were clearly very experienced in their field. Their knowledge and experience shared, helped me to understand and provide the necessary commodities for mum’s longer term care.

Big thanks are due to Michelle especially  – her contacts in Paphos were of great help when I needed them most.


Jane W

Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave to Dad, me and my family during Mum's illness.

You kindly kept us informed of the situation and offered assistance that was second to none.

We appreciate all you did for Mum, even though she was reluctant to accept it at times and it was thanks to you that the family here in England were alerted to the seriousness of the problems Mum was facing, which prompted us to get to Cyprus in time to say our goodbyes to Mum.

Your kindness and understanding was so reassuring for us who couldn't be there at the time.

We had the service for Mum over here in Taunton which went well.  We will miss her lots and lots.

I understand my sister Isobel is in contact with you to see if Dad can have some care services now.  I feel confident that it will be as efficient and I do hope he will accept care as needed.  It will be a great comfort to know that your support is there.

Thank you once again Michelle to you and all your team for your excellent care.


Frank B

Thank you so much for your card and words of sympathy.

Thelma loved you all so much and I am deeply grateful for the love and affection you all had for her. Thank you for coming all the way to the cemetery, it was very much appreciated. Also thank you all for looking after her so well.

Yours very sincerely



Martine E

Unfortunately my beloved husband A aged 85 years old, passed away peacefully in my arms, at home.

This is just what A wished and I will always feel very grateful and blessed that I was able to do this for the man I love.  But I would never have had the courage or the stamina to do this for A if I had not had the professional support and assistance of Michelle.

Michelle assisted me in caring for my husband during the last month's of his life until his death.  A's condition was such that he was dying of respiratory and heart failure compounded by asthma and emphysema.  He was at the stage where he required constant professional care and support.  This involved very long hours and meticulous attention to all the aspects of his care.  Michelle provided this for A in the most professional and caring way, enabling him to spend the last months of his life with dignity and integrity, at home with his family and friends; and to pass away peacefully.

Michelle's support of myself and other family members gave us all the emotional, spiritual and physical strength to cope with this traumatic event in our lives.

I feel that through her professional care, Michelle provided A with something we all wish for our loved ones and ourselves; a peaceful and honourable crossing over surrounded by love.  For this I am extremely grateful.


David G

I have been using Care at Home Cyprus for the past six months since I suffered my first stroke.  I have used the services of both Phil and Claire.  Both of these ladies have been of great help to me in my home.

They added stability and reason to my then bewildering experience, I really did not know where or what I was.

My recovery was deemed to be very quick and I owe this to both Claire and Phil who consistently provide support and laughter where necessary.

Even though they came at different times, there was never any deviation from the standard practice of care.

As I understand it, there is no other like it in Cyprus at this moment and it is an essential adjunct to recovery after the hospitals have completed their part of the medical problem.


Richard O

It gives me great satisfaction to write to say how helpful the carers you have found for me are.  The flat always looks clean as a new pin but more than that their kindness and concern for my well being that they show all the time has made my life very comfortable.  Ever ready to help in whatever occasion the need arises.

My carers (names provided) have smoothed all the petty difficulties of life right away.  A warm and kindly greeting every morning, helpful suggestions to improve my way of life and a warm glow of genuine caring.


James C

I have great pleasure in recommending Michelle Clark to work as a Carer.

In April for one month Michelle cared for my father at home until he was admitted into hospital at the end of April.  Unfortunately my father died in the hospital in May.

Michelle not only cared for him but helped my wife and myself with all the funeral arrangements.  She is a very faithful, caring and reliable person and has great respect for her patients in keeping their dignity as much as possible.  She is also a very trustworthy and honest person.

Michelle has a great personality and was very obliging in coming to help when asked.  I have no hesitation in wishing her well for the future and in recommending her to others.


David B

As you and your staff have been so good I think I will be able to manage on my own from the end of the month, so would you please accept this letter as the official termination of our Contract.

I would like to thank Phil and Claire personally for their dedication to their work and in the same breath say to them that they must have suffered many times as a result of my contrariness and poor memory for which I am truly sorry.

It will not be easy because I will miss their visits but have been contemplating about getting up off my fat a' and doing something for myself.

Kind regards and thanks again


A Poem by Gerald

There are two girls
That you should know
One called Michelle
The other one Rose

These girls came to me
As if from heaven
To give me care
Throughout my plight take good care

They were so friendly
And knew their job
To care for such a Big Fat Slob

My problem got so much better
As both these girls
Did their job
By the letter

It took no time
For me to know
How far their caring
Could really go

We had a laugh and 
Told some jokes
Which also helped
Me with my walks

They told me off
From time to time
But only so they
Could keep me going

It took no time
For me to know
How far with these
Two I could go

Quite soon they had
Me walking
And so they said
I did too much talking

Michelle was so
Switched on by gum
And noticed spots
Upon my bum

She told me off from time to time
Because she had my health in mind

The time went by
And it got better
My health improved
And I felt better

We now have become
Good friends
Good health and loving
Knows no end

The time has come 
For me to go now
To go outside
And make it slow

So out I went
And went quite spare
When I took big
Gulps of fresh air

Here ends my tale
And you should know
If its help you need
Look no further
Than Michelle and Rose