Care at Home Cyprus helps you stay in your own home longer

How We Care

Here are some examples of the sorts of things our carer’s do:

  • To assist in the daily needs of the client, for example toileting, helping in and out of bed, washing, bathing and care of hair and teeth.
  • To observe and if appropriate to record and report on any changes in the client’s condition.
  • To prepare simple meals from food available and, if appropriate, to feed the client.
  • To ensure that the client’s living area is warm, clean and tidy and to inform the Care Manager of any problems.
  • To assist with the client’s personal laundry and make arrangements for clean bed linen on a regular basis.
  • To observe that medication is taken correctly.
  • To carry out essential shopping and simple messages such as collecting prescriptions.
  • To encourage the client to be physically active when able and to assist with any recommended exercise programme.
  • To be a good companion, to listen, reassure, stimulate and discuss appropriate topics.
  • To carry out any other reasonable caring tasks which do not require professional nursing training.